You can get samples of all materials and tones in our production at Paemurru 14, Harku, Laabi. Definitely a prior agreement is required!

We use Osmo oil stain for toning. It is also possible to order furniture painted semi-matt or matt according to the RAL catalog

Finished orders can be received at Paemurru 14, Harku, Laabi. A prior time agreement is definitely needed!

Delivery is currently solved with Itella, delivery fee 35 eur per Estonian order. Delivered to the front door.

The raw material from which we make furniture comes only from well managed forests. We buy from two of Estonia’s largest local suppliers, which have controlled indoor climate on warehouses throughout the year. The material itself is properly dried in vacuum dryers. The countries from which the oak comes are Slovenia, the USA, Poland and to a lesser extent Ukraine. Unfortunately, high-quality oak does not grow in Estonia.

Ash comes from Ukraine, Poland and United States supplies white ash.

The furniture is finished with Osmo oilwax Polyx.

A very high-quality product that seeps into the wood pores like oil and leaves a protective layer on the surface, which you can not worry about for spilled wine, food, etc. Experience shows that the edges of a hot dish do not stay on the surface either, but this is rather unofficial information 🙂 Dirt is easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

Maintenance oiling of surfaces is not required and under normal use and will remain beautiful for decades. However, if a place is worn, it is easy to restore it with a top coat by applying a fine layer to the same oil wax, without even sanding the wood.

We are quite flexible with special orders. More than half of the orders in our e-store go out with one change or another in order to better meet the customer’s expectations.

If the change is small, for example, do not want buttons, but push to open the drawer or vice versa. Or, for example, for the TV stand you like you`d  better have the legs of another TV stand, then such changes do not result in a mark-up, unless we are talking about metal legs – they are much more expensive.

If the changes change, for example, the size of the surface, etc., which leads to an increase in the cost of the material, an additional fee will be charged.

If the product does not have the necessary option in the e-shop, put all the information we need to take into account in the additional information box when placing the order.

When ordering from the e-store, you have 3 choices, whether to pay with the Maksekeskus bank links (links of all Estonian main banks are available) or by transfer, in which case you will receive an e-mail order confirmation with all the necessary details. Or, you can choose between several postpay options by choosing ‘pay later’.

If the order that has been paid from the company’s account, the e-shop system will not automatically send an invoice to your company. If you want an invoice in the name of the company, put this information together with the company’s reg details in the additional information box when placing the order.

Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom or shop. You can get samples of all materials and tones in our production at Paemurru 14, Harku, Laabi. Definitely a prior agreement is required!

If a product you are interested in is currently being completed for some other customer, we can show it.

As most of our products are made of solid wood, for which we also offer a very wide range of tinting and finishing options, and also more than 60% of the orders go out with small changes, it is not possible to produce the furniture in stock. As a rule, the production time is approx. 6 weeks in the presence of material and fittings in the suppliers’ warehouse.